Connect Card is blockchain-based credit cards that aims to improve digital payment  model/system. Our main goals are to streamline cryptocurrency transactions and make them practical use in real-life,  users can withdraw their funds (connect coins balance) dirrect to fiat money in ATM machines

With connect card all trasanctions will be instaneously confirmed at the time of of withdraw, meaning there is no delay between authorization of the withdraws and the transfer of the actual funds.

Also with connect cards, users will be able to pay for goods and services by using our connect app


♦️FAST(INSTANT); All withdraw by using connect cards will be comfirmed in few second compare to other cryptocurrency cards, this is due to our great systeem.

♦️SECURITY;Connect card is secured as users can block their cards function when card lost, by using our connect app which will be connected with connect cards
♦️LOW FEE; Connect cards will minimize the cost of withdrawiconnect coins to fiat money